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Document your processes and software requirements the easy way

Mainspec develops a documentation and collaboration software, named Docstell, that lets you document requirements, system specifications and processes in a super efficient new way. The information is structured in a flexible hierarchy that makes it very convenient and intuitive to easily produce and consume documentation. You can communicate with your team without the need to explain a lot of details since you always put the information exactly where it belongs, in the right context. For more information about Docstell visit the product homepage here.

Structure your documentation in a dynamic hierarchy

Using a tree view for your documentation makes it easy to structure and put all your requirements or systems in a logical hierarchy. The view is flexible and let you change the position of any node to always mirror what is being described. 

Drill in to the documentation to put focus on the right content. Super fast navigation back and forth throughout the nodes.

Instantly update your content, no need to enter edit mode before changing your specs. Changes are synched in realtime to everybody that the information is shared to.

Add diagrams and text to any node to describe and visualize.

Invite people and start collaborating to take full control of all your specification and documentation needs.

Insert diagrams

Use BPMN diagrams to define your processes, create environment overviews with all details further down in the tree view, hidden and out of the way from getting the big picture when that is all you need. The detailed information is still there  when needed. Use UML diagrams to describe your system so that your developers fully understand all your needs. Mainspec is an incredibly flexible solution for your documentation requirements.

Diagram types
Mainspec uses as an integrated part of the solution. This means that you can use all the power of this popular diagramming tool. 

Use BPMN, UML, Network Charts, Flowcharts,  Venn Diagrams, AWS and  Azure architecture diagrams or just simple basic shapes  to describe what ever you need. 

UI mockups

Create UI mockups to visualize  your requirements. Use ready made components or create your own. Put these mockups in the right context in the tree view to make it clear where it belongs and how it integrates with other modules and components. Create hot spots from the mockups to other views in the tree to make it super easy to understand how views and components are linked together.

For more information about Docstell, head over to the product homepage.

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