The basics

Mainspec simplifies documentation and requirements gathering. It keeps all the documentation in the right place and stays there during both project face and the maintenance period. This saves a lot of time.

You can add items to the tree view and indent and outdent the nodes as you like. Each item, or node, can contain a name and a text body for a more comprehensive specification.

Add items by putting the cursor on a row and hit the enter key. Indent a node with the tab key, outdent with shift-tab. When indenting a node you are creating a child-parent relation. The parent gets a plus sign that is used to collapse the children of the node.

Drill into nodes

Drill into a node by clicking the bullet to the left of a node. This let’s you focus on the right content. It is easy to see where in the tree you have navigated to by looking at the breadcrumbs at the top of the content area. Simply click a breadcrumb to navigate backwards.


A node can also contain a diagram. Hover over the bullet to open the menu where you choose “Add diagram”. This opens the plugin. When you save and exit the diagram is inserted under the node.

Clicking the small preview opens up a big preview that is zoomable and also with possibility to view any tab of the file by hovering at the bottom of the view and clicking the arrows on the popup menu.